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• 8/12/2016

Opening Rules/Admin Positions

Since Me And Mic Just Started The Wikia - I Think I Have Some Rules We Should Go Over...

This Could Be A Huge Issue On Loads Of Wikias. If You Really Want To Full Out Swear - Enjoy A Block Or 5 Weeks-1 Month (Depends On How Bad You Did It, Insulting A Mod May Be A Ban For 1.5 Months)
We May Be An AJ Clans Wiki 2.0 - But We Allow Children, Like Myself; Ok? Cx. We Have Just Started, So Don't Expect Us To Be Dang Snazzy. Add Your Own Pages, And Take As Much Time As You Want. 
Admin Positions
Being A Chat/Disc/Admin/Bureaucrat Is A Massive Responsibility - A Chat Mod Modertaring Local Chat - To See Any Bad Behavior... A Discussion Making New Rules.. An Admin Responsibile For A Load Of Stuff - And I Cant Explain Bureaucrat.
Please - Don't Spam: Can I Be An ADMIN? Can I Be A MODERATOR? Can I Be A BUREAUCRAT? No. We Don't Tolerate This Begging. You Earn It, Or Being Given The Position As A Reward. We May Only Have 7-10 Moderaters In Total. If Your Begging Is Very, Very High Amounts - You Could Be Blocked For 2 Days.
Ew, No Plez. No Vandilisim = Happy Wiki c: If You Be A Bad Chiald, You Could Get Banned For 1 Year If It's Very Serious. I'm No Joking Around. That's All I Have To Say About That.
Credits: Who Made What?
(Full Credit To The Artisit Of The Background, Me, But I Don't Own The Mythical Forest)
Credit To Mic For Making The Wiki
Credit To Me For Making This Thread
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• 8/12/2016
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