Hallow Signature

"Would you like something? Oh, my

apologies. I was too busy engulfed

in your blood to notice."


I rolled my eyes in disgust, my paw tapping lightly against the trembling fence post. Some human kids played on a plaything nearby as one of them pointed at me, running at me with their arms outstretched. I smirked in obvious amusement, purring as the human kid came closer. When the kid was close enough I lashed out, digging in my serrated yet array set of unguis into the smooth child's skin. The child screeched as I did so, slapping me across the face.

I knew from my experience with humans that this was a gesture of a kind of annoyance. So accepting the slap, I purred, my innocent gaze meeting the kid's as I meowed in longing. I thought it was hilarious how the kids fell for it every time. The kid's eyes rounded with pity, reaching down to scoop me up. I then kicked out with my hind legs, catching the kid off guard as he dropped me. I ran my unguis down the kid's leg, breaking into the skin. I purred in malevolent amusement and advanced forward, away from the kid and into some bushes nearby.

-KY0UMI- - Tokyo Ghoul OP - Unravel -dj jo remix- (FULL ENGLISH)

-KY0UMI- - Tokyo Ghoul OP - Unravel -dj jo remix- (FULL ENGLISH)