"Jack Be Lethal, Jack be Slick. Let Jack Trip Over That Candle Stick.. Oh, Needed Something? Sorry, I Was Too Intrested In Rhyming You To Death.. Heh, Who Am I Kidding? You'll Be Dead At First Sight Ya See Me."



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It's Hideous! A Shriek Erupted From My Mother Who Kitted Just Recently. I Didn't Know Who She Was Talking To, But I Know She Was Judging Either Myself Or My Older Siblings. I Was Old Enough To Open My Eyes When The Wincing Scold Came From Her, Judging My Disformed Figure. It's All Because I Have Massive Ears And A Fenecc-Fox Like Display. I Didn't Understand Why She Is So Harsh Since I Was Born. My Father, On The Other Hand, Tried To Calm Down My Mother, But It Always Ended Up In An Adrenaline-Rushing Fight. My Siblings Always Tease Me For Being The Scrap Of The Litter. I Still Remember My Mom Naming Me 'Jack' And Saying "He Has No Potential In Anything!"

I Snapped Back Into The Present. Raising My Head To See My Dad's Beady Eyes Stare At Me, I Shrugged. Even My Father Was De-Formed With A Crooked Jaw, But My Mother Didn't Care How Hideous He Looked. My Shoulders Sagged As I Took A Long Nap, Exhausted For No Reason I Knew.

"Leave Us Be! We're Finding Another Home!"