♠Cross The Barriers Of Light And Dark..♠

♠I Remember Him Running Away When I Told Him To.. He Was An Outstanding Kit, But His Future Walks In His Own Paws..♠


I Looked Upwards At The Thunderpath That Was Flying With Cars. I Didn't Still Understand Why I Was Taken To A 'Racetrack.' My Temporary Owner Was A 'Racer' And Always Hopped Into It's Green And White Car. I Had Still Remembered When My Father Told Me To Leave Home After My Parents Had Gotten Into A Fight, And Somehow I Ended Up Here. I Forced The Memory To The Back Of My Head, And Looked Ahead At The Bright Future. I Wasn't A Kittypet, Nor A Rouge; I Was A 'Race-Cat!' All Of My Ownners Fans Adored Me, When I Look Out The Window And Let Out Purrs That Get Traveled Away By The Wind. My Owner Was In A Racing Team, 'Nuclear' Which Was One Reason Im Called 'Xenon.'

The Great Race Had Came..

I Hopped Into The Monster's Belly, Looking Up At My Owner. My Dull Green Eyes Danced With Excitment, Yet I Didn't Know What Was Ahead Of Us. Too Late..

My Owner Had Awoken Up The Monster, And Sped. I Looked At The Red Monster And White Monster Close Behind. We Were First! But I Had Noticed Something, My Owner Wasn't Looking At The Panels And Things To Drive The Car, Instead It Was Looking Out The Window And Waving, Not Even Having A Hand On The Circle-Like Thing! The Monster Was Heading Straight For A Giant Oak, And My Owner Still Wasn't Paying Attention.

I Leapt.

I Leapt Out Of The Gap Of The Monster.

And I Lived.

I Sped Off, Forcing My Paws Across The Hard Stone. I Almost Tripped Into A Sewer, Where I Had Heard Mews And Yowls Of Joy. I Stepped Backwards, And Knew I Had Ran Into A Possible Home. I Forced Myself Not To Go In, Yet.

Because It's My Future, Mine Alone..